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IRT-16 Infrared Thermometer

The Tempil IRT-16 is the industry's most advanced, non-contact infrared technology-based surface temperature measurement device. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, the IRT-16 accurately measures temperatures from -76F to 1157F (-60C to 625C). Easily adjustable emissivity, combined with laser targeting and a 16:1 distance to spot ratio, allows for greater precision over a wide range of applications. Includes holster carrying-case and batteries.

The lightweight and compact IRT-16 is easy-to-use and has been engineered to provide superior accuracy and consistency in surface temperature measurement for a wide range of non-conventional applications. Includes holster carrying-case and batteries. NIST certification available.

Tempilstik® Temperature Indicators

The industry's best- selling temperature indicator for over 70 years.

An inexpensive alternative for surface temperature measurement, Tempilstik® is a simple, easy-to-use surface indicator that delivers reliable and accurate results, with no gauges or calibration required. Tempilstik® features a slim holder and dense chalk design, specifically engineered for smooth operation while maximising user efficiency. Lasting longer than competing brands, Tempilstik® provides the comfort, confidence and cost- effectiveness you expect in your temperature measurement indicators.

Easy to use. Simply stroke the workpiece during heating, and the Tempilstik® will make a distinct mark by melting at the point of contact once the surface reaches the indicator's rated temperature.

•Available in a wide variety of temperatures from 100°F to 2000°F (38°C to 1093°C)
•Reliably accurate - melts within +/- 1% of the Fahrenheit rating
•Provides strong chalk grip to avoid slippage
•Lead and sulphur- free
•Certification available upon request
•Lot numbered for traceability

•Welding and metal fabrication
•Surface preheat
•Interpass temperature measurement
•Post-weld heat treatment
•Any temperature measurement on a solid stationary surface

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